Praxis Investigations LLC
James Polk, General Manager
(657) 234-2232 (call or text)
Praxis Investigations LLC does OSINT Research.  We will connect you with a Licensed Private Investigator in your State and then will do OSINT Research for them once you contract with them.  It is a simple process and we can find a Private Investigator for you to hire.  We are located in Southern California and have several Southern California Private Investigators who we recommend highly and with whom we have a good working relationship.  Once you hire a Private Investigator, Praxis can go to work on your case for them after we adjust the scope of the work to be completed and have a set of directives from the Private Investigator.  Apex Law Service is one of the Member Business Trusts of Praxis Investigations LLC, does contract paralegal work and can help you hire one of their client attorneys.  
This is a list of links to articles from other OSINT Enthusiasts about what types of data can be found using OSINT.  You are completely welcome to use this list of links and resources as a starting point for your own research before contacting us with respect to the types of research you want to have us do under a Private Investigator:
OSINT Resource Link Pages:
OSINT YouTube Channel Videos and Webinars:
Praxis Investigations LLC is a small LLC made up of James Polk the General Manager, and 4 Member Business Trusts with Independent Contractors who do different types of OSINT related work all of the time.

1. Apex Law Service: Contract Paralegal, LDA, Process Serving, Skip Tracing and Consulting.  
2. Centinel Trust: & RetainerCrypto.Online.  
3. Apex Centinel: Building a Private Patrol & LockSmith Licensed Business and Selling Surveillance Equipment.  
4. Praxis Holdings:  Holding Income Steams as payment to lower the invoices from Praxis Investigations LLC or any of the other 3 Member Business Trusts.